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I’ve written quite a few blogs lately about the software we use that helps us run our business. Like Kashflow and Mavenlink. However, these products don’t really help us make any sales. They simply make our lives much, much easier. Which of course, I’m all for.

However, today I’m going to talk you through Zopim. Our Live Chat tool.

We first heard of Zopim in 2011 when we were approached to make an explainer video for them. I worked on the script with Qing, one of the co-founders. It was a great experience because the more I knew about the product, the more I wanted to use it.

Put simply, Zopim is a Live Chat tool that allows Ailsa or myself to actually chat to the visitors on our website. But why would you need to talk to your visitors? Shouldn’t we just let them look around in peace? Well, yes. we should. But it’s not always like that. Zopim gives you lots of juicy information about the visitor; the amount of times they’ve visited, how long they’ve been on your site for, what page they are on, their location and even the OS and browser they’re using. All of this information tells me whether or not I should prompt a chat. For example, are they flicking through a lot of pages? This may mean they can’t find what they are looking for. I can help. If it’s their 4th visit to our portfolio page it may mean they are now ready to chat about pricing. I can help. They may have just came from a Google Adwords click which cost £7. I make sure to strike up a dialogue to ensure that the ROI of the click is worth more than a bounce. All of this information is very helpful and really does boost sales. This is what makes Zopim great. The BEST tool that we use and without it, we would be totally lost and in the dark about our website visitors.

There is a free version (the lite plan) and of course, there are a paid plans which gives you much more freedom with the tool.

Why not watch their explainer video below and see what you think. In this day and age, you’d be crazy not to use it! If you’d like help installing it onto your WordPress site, then please just emailing us and I’ll happily talk you through it.


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  1. Marc, thanks for the post! We were searching for a live chat tool for our website Allora.io and tested Zopim, Olark, Chatra and PureChat. There’s not much difference in terms of functionality, but we liked the design of Chatra and Zopim more. Zopim seems to have more features than Chatra, but we hardly used most of them. My point is – Chatra is the best solution for small teams and Zopim is better for big companies.

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