Kickstarter Video Production

Launching a product on Kickstarter or GoFundMe requires a lot of attention to detail. You’re asking people to invest in your idea or product and even if it is game changing, not putting this across using content and video is a sure way to fail. This is why it’s best to invest the correct amount of time & budget into your pitch. The pitch does include your written content, but 90% of it should be your video.

When looking into marketing your Kickstarter, did you look over other campaigns to get an idea of what they did? If so, did you spend more time watching videos than reading the content? Exactly. This is what your potential investor will do also.


What make a successful Kickstarter video? Choosing the correct Kickstarter video production company is key of course! More importantly, it’s explanation. If the concept or product isn’t explained correctly, no-one will understand what they are investing in.

Three tips for you; be clear, be concise and never rush a campaign.