Kickstarter Video Production

Launching a product on Kickstarter or GoFundMe requires a lot of attention to detail. You’re asking people to invest in your idea or product and even if it is game changing, not putting this across using content and video is a sure way to fail. This is why it’s best to invest the correct amount of time & budget into pitch.

Being a leading Kickstarter video production company, we’ve made a number of Kickstarter videos for various products and ideas. We’ve found that they are very unlike the usual explainer videos that we also produce. With Kickstarter videos, you cannot just show the video using animation or just live action. You need a combination of the two. I can also see the explainer video market going this way because it’s a great way to explain a product. You can see this blend of live action and animation with our video below.

For the video above we created the animation and edited the provided footage into one video which went on to fund the product 300%. Just the response you want!

A few months ago I wrote an answer on Quora about budgeting for crowdfunding videos. You have to ensure that budget is set aside for marketing. This is not just writing blogs posts or press releases. This is for video. It’s the first thing potential investors will look at so you need it to give off the impression you want.

Below is the video for the Waffle Watch which has been funded nearly 200%.

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