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As one of the original explainer video companies (est 2009), we’ve had a chance to work with many different types of customers. This means we’ve explained a whole lot of concepts.

From this experience we understand that bringing a new product to market is a real challenge and needs to be explained correctly. This is why we specialise in creating explainer/crowdfunding videos for new to market ideas. It doesn’t matter which category it falls under either; FinTech, medical, IoT, automotive etc we explain it in it’s most simplest form making it easy for your customers or staff to understand.

One of the most challenging explainer videos that can be made are those for the medical industry. Whether it’s for internal or external use we have you covered.

Please see our showreel to the right to see what it is that we do. If you like what you see please get in touch so we can help you and your company.

Very Creative team; from the script composition to the great camera work, to the expert editing. The quality was on par with big agencies I worked with for big car companies in Detroit and it was all done through Skype. Excellent work ethics and team.Shadi Mere - Insonos

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Smarter Videos

Did you know that website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product online after watching a video? For this statistic to matter, viewers need to make it to the end of the video. By analysing video engagement data, we know the best ways to attract viewers, and how to keep them hooked for longer leading to a rise in conversion rates.
Data is incredibly important in modern society. We analyse battery data in order to extend battery life, we analyse weather data so we can predict weather patterns, we analyse crash test data to optimize the safety of a car. This same principle can be applied to video engagement data.

Data shows us the optimal length for videos, when viewers drop off and why they aren’t playing them in the first place.
Since 2009 we have made over 1,100 videos for clients around the globe and every single one has been a learning experience. Whether it is an explainer video, a Kickstarter video or a live action film, each video has a purpose and must be able to engage and convert.
We don’t expect you to take our word for it that the videos work, we let the data speak for itself!

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    The Cuillin Collective

    10, Elgol, Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK, IV49 9BL

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Why Us?
Dare to be honest and fear no labour Rabbie Burns

The Cuillin Collective is a family owned business located on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, which we use as a glorious backdrop for many of our videos.
We create a variety of videos for companies all over the globe, including, yet not limited to, explainer videos, kickstarter videos and even wedding films. None of our work is outsourced to anyone, so if someone needs to speak directly to the animator, or the illustrator, or the scriptwriter, we are right here in-house to make any amendments necessary.
Our services don’t stop at making videos though, we are constantly evaluating past explainers and the data and feedback we receive from them in order to better our video making skills and our craft. We invest into the latest 4K equipment to keep our videos at the highest standard while learning the craft of filmmaking. Combine these two elements and you have some of the best videos in the explainer market today!

Lovely people, very fast, and creative too! Anything we wanted was dealt with thoughtfully and thoroughly – absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.Tim - Springboard