Explainer videos are everywhere. On the web, on TV, in the cinema etc; they’re obviously here to stay. SO why do you need one? For the same reason everyone else does. They easily explain a concept to the masses which, in turn, results in more sales. It’s as simple as that.

Here at The Cuillin Collective we have been producing bespoke explainer videos since 2009. We have made over 1000 different videos for big and small companies from all over the globe..
We create explainer videos for companies, concepts and products that need that extra bit of love to make them come to life. The video may be for funding a brand new Kickstarter idea or exciting new ideas for an existing business. Whatever your niche, we’d love to be the ones able to bring it to life!

Quality is our main goal here, check what our past customers had to say about our videos!
We have multiple styles to choose from, ranging from our original Handcrafted style, whiteboard explainers, screencasts to fully animated videos. Each style has different pricing based on its complexity which you can view here.
But don’t worry about choosing one now, we can discuss this during our free 1-on-1 consultation!
If you wish to view some of our favourite explainer videos  click here to see our list.