We were one of the first companies on the web to offer explainers (est.2009) and we’ve learnt a lot along the way. One of the key elements for us is to understand your needs. From this we can provide you with the most engaging video possible.
Plus, a call lets us get to know one another better. And don’t worry about the call using video, it’s just an audio call unless you choose to share your camera.
Budget varies project to project. Each video we create is fully bespoke so we can’t give you a cost without learning more about your needs. To get a quote, please schedule a chat with us.
Timescales can vary greatly between video styles. We recommend leaving 6 weeks to produce an engaging explainer video and 8 weeks for a Kickstarter video. We have made them faster so please do get in touch and let us know your launch date!
No. We are based in Scotland but we work with companies from all over the globe. We just manage our time really well 🙂 We use tools like Mavenlink and Google Meet to collaborate.
Well, this depends on how good your ideas is! Just kidding. If your idea/concept is super secret just let us know and we’ll send you our NDA form!
This can be a long answer and more for our phone call, however we do provide everything; scripts, storyboards, illustrations, actors, voice overs, locations, closed captions, engagement tracking etc.
We do offer a discount for charities & not for profit businesses.* If you’re not one of them we’ll work with you to ensure that you get the most engaging video on the market which will see your video investment returned and then some.

*Please do ask about our payment plan if you are a start up.

Assuming we’ve had our call and you’ve approved the budget and time frames, we’ll send you the questionnaire and invite you to your project workspace. Then the fun really begins!