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From July last year we were making in between 5 and 6 explainer videos per week. This was us working at our maximum capacity. Tess was writing like a maniac, I was shooting and editing like maniac and Ailsa will illustrating like a maniac. I don’t know how we all coped.

We got to September and we finally decided that we needed some help in the form of a project management tool. One of the biggest things for us was that the tool needed to integrate into our existing workflow. Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Docs and Paypal.

One of the options I found was Mavenlink. It ticked all the right boxes. Google Apps, yes. Affordable, yes. Cloud based, yes! Mobile, yes! So I signed up right away.

My biggest worry though was that it was going to give us more work that we didn’t need. When it comes to CRM’s or other bits and pieces they actually add work to your day. But you need CRM’s a lot. So you have to make the time to work with them. But with Mavenlink, all it does is save you time, hassle and unnecessary worrying because you know that all your projects are properly scheduled, all your emails are in the one place, you are meeting budgets and your clients and the TCC workforce are all kept up to date on all of our projects all of the time.

I don’t often promote other companies. But I felt that when I received my renewal notice for Mavenlink yesterday I didn’t grudge paying for another year. It’s worth every single penny.

Mavenlink can now proudly sit alongside Kashflow, Google Apps, Zopim and Insightly as an essential tool for any online business.

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