Kickstarter Explainer Videos

Kickstarter has become a hugely successful platform for funding projects through the power of the people. To date, Kickstarter has funded over 130,000 projects with more being successfully completed all the time.

However, what is it that makes a successful Kickstarter campaign? Well, contrary to popular belief (and what you expect to read here), it isn’t the video! It’s marketing. You could have the best video in the world, if it’s poorly marketed then no-one will invest. This is what marketing companies are for!

What if you have your marketing sorted? You need the best video in the world to sell your idea!


Here at The Cuillin Collective we have been apart of many successful Kickstarter campaigns. The videos above are great examples. Between these two they were funded over 300%.

What makes a successful Kickstarter explainer video? Explanation. Explanation is key to most videos on the web. Reviews, interviews, pitches and indeed, Kickstarter explainer videos. If your concept or idea isn’t explained properly, do you expect investors to part with their well earned cash? Exactly. Explain properly and gain investors.