Explainer Video Prices

Budget varies from project to project. Each video we create is fully bespoke so we can't give you a cost without learning more about your needs. To get a free customised quote, please reach out to us using the form..

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Until early 2017, we had a one size fits all pricing structure for our videos but what we’ve learnt over the course of 1500 videos is that no video is the same as another.

Every client has different needs and requirements, meaning explainer video prices are as unique as the videos themselves. Rather than give you a more generic video for the sake of maintaining a rigid price structure, we analyse your company’s needs and tailor the project accordingly. For example; where are your videos going to be shown? When A/B testing your website, do you need multiple video versions?

Explainer video prices can vary dependent on your requirements so in order to determine a video that would suit your needs best, we encourage you to reach out to us via email. To maximise everyone’s time in the future, we may ask you to communicate with us via a call. This call allows us to provide you with a far more accurate video proposal than multiple emails over a period of time and understand your needs much faster.

Ultimately, the video we provide you with should engage and convert viewers, bringing your company success. We can give you a more in-depth explanation of how we work and how we create successful explainer videos by using engagement statistics.

Sounds good to you? Great. Let’s get started.