Explainer Video Price

To get to this stage you must really like our work. That's great as it's the first step. Now to our explainer video prices (which include a 100% money back guarantee). We charge on a per second basis. If you're in the UK that's £35+VAT per second. If you're overseas then an explainer video is $44 per second. That per second cost includes everything from start to finish even the professional voice over). If this suits your budget please fill in the form to the right hand side and we can get started.

More on Explainer Video Pricing

Until early 2017, we had a more basic one size fits all pricing structure for our videos. Over the past 2500 explainer videos produced we’ve learnt that every video is unique.

Every client has different needs and requirements so we changed our pricing to suit that.

Pricing our explainer videos per second kept our pricing model precise and provided the most ROI possible. Want it short? Great, it'll cost less. Want it longer? Fantastic, you won't overpay. Plus, the bi-product of our explainer video pricing is that it encourages a shorter duration which in turn increases the engagement rate.

Ultimately, the explainer video we provide you with should engage and convert viewers, bringing your company success and at the same time not cost the earth.