DG Glidecam Gimbal Fault/Fix

A few years ago I was out on St.Kilda for a shoot (the middle of nowhere) and I needed lots of low down moving shots. So, I brought my Devin Graham Signature Series Glidecam. It cost a lot of money so assumed that it was of the very best quality. However, as I was grabbing my first shot the gimbal collapsed on me. With no time to work it out, I clicked it back in and just scrapped the low down shots that I wanted. In essence, the gimbal couldn’t take the weight of a GH4 camera.

When I got home I reached out to the guys at Glidecam (with photos of the issue) and they replied with a note about a completely different issue and that I need to buy a new part.

I feel I should first mention that most of my time is spent animating/editing so the Glidecam wasn’t really classed as ‘broken in’ yet. It was, however, out of warranty by a month or so. So having been told that I need to buy a new part I decided to just repair myself.

If you are having a similar issue, please watch the video above try and fix yourself.

You need:

and that’s it. Please do take care when replicating the steps above. If you get the threadlock into the ball bearings at all it will no longer work.

Good luck!

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