Explainer Video UK

We initially started our business with the intention of working solely within the UK market because we didn’t see the potential of a global market at the time. But with websites like Elance and oDesk our perceptions changed very quickly. It was quite exotic working with people in the US, Canada, Australia etc and we still continue to work with clients all around the globe but it’s now just part of our daily routine. We also work around time zones to cater for the time difference. We are very lucky to be able to offer our services around the world.

During the latter part of 2013 our explainer video sales in the UK started to organically pick up for explainer videos. This was great because we did wonder if businesses in the UK realised how great a tool explainer videos can be. Not just for converting and increasing sales of course, but for making sure their customers knew what they were converting to or buying.

There are plenty of explainer video companies in the world, but not many in the UK. And although we do make explainer videos for all nationalities and in all languages we still belong to the UK.

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