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Content is important when trying to increase your incoming website traffic. We all know this. However, when a customer lands on your website it’s important that they know exactly what it is that you do. Question: Can you do this in under 60 seconds with images and content? The short answer is ‘No’ Yes, content and images have their place. But to ensure that your traffic is converted into a sale, it is vital that they understand what you are selling and why it will benefit them. If the viewer can understand this then the sale is all yours. The only way that you can do this is by using an animated marketing video on your landing page.

What is an animated marketing video?

An animated marketing video is an animated video that explains your concept in a simple and very easy to understand way. There are many styles that can be used to do this; from the Hand Craft Marketing Video to the Animated DigiCraft Marketing Video. Each style has it’s own pricing structure based on their complexity. Here is a link to our pricing.

Want to see our favourite Cuillin Collective animated marketing videosThen click here to see our list.

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