Working with The Cuillin Collective

So today I decided to write a little piece that details my experiences working with The Cuillin Collective. I have been working with Marc and Ailsa officially for 8 months now and in turn worked with many clients with a massive range of different businesses. It sounds like a cliche, but every day really is different and quite often I don’t know what will happen next. Personally, I love that and I love that the businesses and topics change so rapidly from one project to the next.

I got involved with The Cuillin Collective as Ailsa is my cousin – I have watched both Marc and Ailsa build The Cuillin Collective and their passion and talent was visible when they were working for others, way before the business was started. They have worked so hard to build their business and I am in awe of what they have achieved by both putting their talents and minds together and also by working very hard for it too. Their surroundings on Skye seem to make them even more creative and it is so nice to see a couple who are living their lives the way they want while running a highly successful business.

Our clients are also wonderful – it is astounding how many brilliant start-up companies there really are around the world. Quite often I’ll read a questionnaire and be really excited about the ideas and business model of a start-up and I think that is such a positive thing, especially given the economy of the world. People are making their own business ideas into reality and I believe that these businesses will be the ones to help our economy while also employing people to assist them as they grow. Because of their experiences, The Cuillin Collective have a real understanding of what does and doesn’t work when you are a start-up company so are the perfect people to assist others in it. When you purchase a service from The Cuillin Collective, you get much more than just an end product, you get a friendly service throughout and also a whole lot of advice – if you want it.

I have no doubt in my mind that even without the family connection Marc and Ailsa would be as friendly, welcoming and accommodating as they have been – you just need to read their customer reviews to know that. Helen works as an illustrator for The Cuillin Collective and lives up in Skye, so quite often they will all be in the office together while I am on Skype down here in Edinburgh – it’s so fun to all be working together even though we aren’t in the same room! Working for The Cuillin Collective is both challenging and fun and it is an honour to be part of a business that was born out of passion, dedication and talent.