Why Use An Explanation Video?

Ok. I’ve been spending a lot time on Quora recently reading the answers from other explanation video companies. It’s interesting to read to say the least. Lots of great ideas and of course, lots of poor ideas. But none of the answers really answer the core question.

Why use an explanation video?

Well, instead of adding my answer on Quora which will be lost, I’m going to let you know the secret here.
* This answer is not a way to win business. It’s an honest answer that we know it true.

An explanation video converts your visitor into a customer, fee paying or not. As simple as that. If you think about it, your visitor arrives on your website (let’s say that really were looking for your product or service) and they want to know what you offer. For example, let’s say they are looking for an explanation video. They want to land on your site and they don’t want to sit and read all your terms and conditions or wait for all your banners to run through. They want to click play, sit back, relax, understand what you are offering, then click a button to sign up, learn more or to make direct contact. If you whet the appetite of your visitor then you’re more likely to encourage them to contact you.

You might not be selling anything, it doesn’t matter, like being a human, we all want to connect. So, let’s connect. Wait, before you do that, why not watch our new explanation video (top right). If you like it, click on the Live Chat button and let’s get started. Even if you just want to connect, that’s fine with us. Let me start. Hello. How can I help?

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