Whiteboard Explainer Videos

We specialise in creating Commoncraft and digitally illustrated explainer videos. We always have. However, we had a client ask us if we could create a video in the style of RSA whiteboard videos. We, of course, didn’t have the technology to do this. However, after a bit of research I found a company called video VideoScribe. Although I’m a bit against this because it leads to companies producing their own poor videos. The software is actually pretty good and you get plenty of stock images.

For our video, we illustrated everything by hand, scanned the illustrations in and then digitised them for use with VideoScribe. It’s an incredibly laborious process and I’m not 100% sure that VideoScribe is geared up to do this easily. There was a lot of back and forth to make it work. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it unless you are very good at working with Adobe Illustrator. Thankfully, he support for VideoScribe was pretty much instant. Here is the video below.

These videos start from $1600 for the first 60 seconds.

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