What Makes Us Different?

There has been a lot of competition in the explainer video market so we’ve have to write quite a few proposals to win projects. This is something we rarely do, but it’s given us the chance to really look at ourselves and work out what actually does make us different from all the other explainer video companies.

We are one of the most affordable explainer video companies around. Just check out our explainer video prices to see this. Of course, we are quite often asked why. Our cheaper prices do not mean that we put in less work or that a lesser quality product is produced. Far from it. We could put up our prices to match those of our competitors, but we’d rather explain why our prices are what they are. We are a team of 3 and have hardly any overheads so we don’t have to charge a small fortune. Plus, we want to make ourselves available to start up companies. This has always been our target market and it’s important that we keep it this way, because it’s the ideas of start ups that can change the world.

We are also asked, “what makes us creative?” Which I’m not too sure I can answer. What made Einstein good at maths? What makes Peter Jackson great at telling stories? What makes Kanye West loves himself so much? Well, experience does help, but the real answer is, they just are. They are born that way. It’s nature that makes them what and who they are. And, without sounding big headed, Ailsa, myself and Helen are all creative. And by creative I mean we have creative ideas that we can turn into a reality.CuillinsBut, what fuels our creativity? Well, that’s where our home comes in. We all live on the gorgeous Isle of Skye (up the north west of Scotland, UK). The stunning landscapes and way of life is what allows us to think outside of the box and to create what we do. Our minds are free of clutter and left to concentrate on our work. And of course, we all love what we do. By working with us, you’ll find this out first hand.

However, what makes us better than the rest? Because that’s what really matters. You want the best right? Deciding to walk backwards is different, but not necessarily the most efficient or best way to get someplace. Well, simply read over this blog post again but change the word ‘different’ to better and you’ll find out what makes us better. You can also check out our explainer video portfolio.

Want to chat to us about your project? Then simply use one of the options to the right to contact us. We look forward to chatting with you.

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