What do you need to start a business?

Once you have spent the crucial time conducting market research on your business idea and deciding on your goods or service it is time to get your business off the ground. The best way to let people know about your business is a website – you can reach the whole world with one. A website allows you to talk directly to your target market in a number of ways with a site that explains your goods or service to the masses. Of course, a number of things come along with this and it isn’t easy, but with the right guidance you can experience a lot less bumps in the road. When you start a business, a large amount of thought should go into your brand identity. You need to think about who you are targeting, what they do and don’t like and what will appeal to them.

Your logo needs to speak directly to the people that you want to be your customers. The decisions you make on your logo are important ones as you will use your logo over and over again. When you decide on a logo, you are committing to a business tool that will be used in years to come.

Your website needs to be easy to navigate, use the language that your target market will identify with and understand, and be full of content that will ensure your customers visit, stay on your website and also come back again. The importance of a positive user-experience on your website cannot be overlooked, so it’s important that you make sure that your site not only represents your brand but also provides a good experience for your customers and potential customers.

The best way for a site to be found on search engines is through effective SEO. Keywords make all of this happen, but you need to ensure that you don’t let the keywords take over, taking away from the user experience. Your SEO-friendly content needs to be constantly changing, updated and written in a way that will appeal to both your users and to the search engines.

And what next? An explainer video! An explainer video on your website can also remove the need for pages and pages of text. Who wants or has the time to read pages of text these days? Not many of us, that is for sure. An explainer video can demonstrate a business idea, product or concept no matter how complex in a mere 2 minutes or less. Using an explainer video allows you to get your business ideas across quickly and effectively. Which is the way you need to these days.

So why invest time and money searching for a different business to undertake all of these for you, when you could join forces with The Cuillin Collective. We can ensure that all of these elements are delivered on time, within budget and at the highest of standard in one easy, affordable package.