What are explainer videos?


So what are explainer videos? Let’s go back to 2007. Websites had a landing page and some content and that was it. Youtube was in its infancy and self hosting was a server demanding process. It’s not that there wasn’t a need for explainers, it was just a real challenge. Plus, there was no real evidence that video worked. 

The explainer video that got it all started was created by Common Craft. They were the first explainer video company. Their ‘In Plain English’ series started an explanation revolution. They were basic but simple and entertaining. I remember when we first started on oDesk in 2008 all the video production jobs were to create these Common Craft style videos. That’s when we joined the world of explainer videos and saw their potential. 

Explainer videos have helped tens of thousands of companies turn from start up into a fully fledged company. Just look at Dropbox. Their Common Craft explainer video helped them move from a start up to an 8 billion dollar company. At a time where cloud file sharing wasn’t understood this video made it simple. When you make things simple visitors become more relaxed and sign up. Common Craft went on to create many other explainers for educational purposes and now allow you to create your own Common Craft style explainer videos.

What to look for in an explainer video

By definition, an explainer video must explain. It’s its core function. Since 2007 there are now thousands of explainer video companies. Some agencies and some freelancers so plenty of choice. From this you get good producers and some not so good producers. So it’s essential to look over the explainer video companies past work to ensure they understand the art of explanation. For example, before you introduce the solution to your customer’s problem, they must relate. This is where you discuss the issues your customers might be facing. Only then can you go ahead and talk about your solution. 

Since 2007 attention spans have plummeted so this also needs to be taken into account. Back when we started you could get away with 2.5 minutes but nowadays 80 seconds is your maximum. It’s not a bad thing though as it just forces you to be more creative and the more creative you are the better the animation. What if you need longer? Very simple, create a basic overview explainer video and have the call to action to learn more in another animation. Much like the Bitesize BBC learning series for school pupils; absorbing information in smaller chunks helps all ages. This is why we price per second. Whether it’s 2×60 second sales animation or a 2 minute educational explainer the cost is the same. 

What industries are explainer videos used for?

What are explainer videos used for? It doesn’t matter the industry really. The Cuillin Collective create medical explainer videos, start up explainer videos, educational explainer videos, kickstarter explainer videos etc. They are relevant for anything that needs explained. It’s why they are so popular.
Now that you know what explainer videos are, do you need one? Are you struggling to explain your product/service to your customers? Do you find that your website bounce rate is too high? An explainer video can help. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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