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Running your own business is one of life’s greatest challenges. And it isn’t just about making money either. In fact, that’s just the byproduct of it. The best part about running your own business is the pride you feel when you start a project and then finish that project. I would always recommend this over being employed by a company. Why? Well, I guess the freedom and the ability to fully choose your destiny is what appeals to me.

There are so many opportunities out there to be your own boss. But what is right for you? Well, I guess you will have to figure that bit out. Web developer, videographer, editor, explanation video producer, painter or whatever it doesn’t matter, you can always learn something new or if you’re very lucky, turn your hobby into your job.

On to the point of this particular post. Well, our friend, Borja at Wavlab has launched a new venture which we think is fantastic. Have you ever wanted to become a voiceover artist, recorded yourself and realised that you sound like a bag of bagpipes? Well, this is your chance to do something about it. Borja and his business partner Donald are offering an intensive 2 days course for either beginners or advanced voice artists.

We’ve worked with Borja for about 3 years and you can always guarantee the best quality audio from the best voice over artists in Scotland so I know you’ll be in great hands!

So do not delay and book asap because I think that there won’t be many spaces left! To book your slot, visit Voice Over Training Scotland

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  1. Hey it is great think to offer training for voice over artists, it is very essential for them to develop themselves in this industry where the competition is growing day by day.
    Thank you for posting this superb blog.

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