Viral Video Production


How can a viral video help your company?

Videos go viral for a number of different reasons such as being funny or cleverly made but they all have one thing in common, they are memorable!!! A viral video is usually different from anything you will have seen before which causes the video to become stuck in your head (sometimes annoyingly!!). As videos that go viral are memorable videos, it makes sense to then use this technique to advertise a product / service.

Here at The Cuillin Collective we can help you do just that. We can create you a viral video that is totally unique and that will make people want to find out more about what it is you do. The video will be cleverly designed so that as well as making people want to watch it again and again it will also advertise your product.

Everybody has seen the ‘Evolution of Dance’ and the ‘Laughing baby’ on Youtube or various social media sites. These two videos alone have been viewed by over 300 million YouTubers in the world. How often does a moment like this come along? Not very often. Although some people today are attempting to make their own videos viral, this is fantastic because we are getting to see some real talented folks out there.

Using video on YouTube to help your business is still relatively new to most people and businesses.