The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Explainer Video Company

Choosing an explainer video company is a huge deal. In short, you’re looking for creativity, good turnaround and most importantly, return on investment. Even with a stock/template-based explainer video that takes a day or two to create you need to know that it will serve its purpose fully. 

Let’s start off with what happens if it’s not good. You work hard to drive traffic to your website. They want to know more about what you do before they buy or contact you. Like most of us, they look for a video to help them understand your offering. If the explainer video doesn’t work then the viewer will go elsewhere. 

It really is as simple as that. So whether you spend £250 or £25,000 on an explainer, it needs to explain simply & effectively what you offer. To pick the right company what do you need to look out for?


First and foremost, you need to have a budget in mind. If you have a £2500 budget, there is little point in speaking to a company that charges £10,000 per minute. Most companies don’t advertise their prices so how do you know? You have freelancers and agencies. 

Agencies typically charge more because they have more overheads. Freelancers only have themselves and maybe another freelancer working with them. So their overheads are much less, so they should be charging much less. Higher prices don’t always equal better quality. 

Explainer Video Portfolio 

Whilst some companies can have a huge amount of flexibility with style there is always a look and feel that belongs to each company. You have to ask yourself if that style matches your company. 

You are always better to choose based on past work and reviews. That way you know you are in good hands, as a portfolio is actual evidence that they can deliver what you need. 


If you’re looking for an explainer video company I think it’s safe to say that you would have also heard of Google Analytics. An essential tool for understanding your website traffic. Simply put, how much does your viewer engage with your website? Well, this is the same for explainer videos. You need to know that your viewer is engaged. 

Video engagement is like a bounce rate. Essentially, when does the viewer stop watching your explainer video? If they don’t get to the end then it’s not really working. This is why we track our client videos to ensure that engagement is as high as it can be. Whilst you’ll never get 100% it’s important to still aim high. 

The industry average in 2018 was 61%. This equates to viewers dropping out of a 60 second video at 36.6 seconds. But why stop there? With The Cuillin Collective, our average engagement rate on our client’s video is >74%. The study and perfection of engagement rate is an ongoing process and we are constantly learning what works and what doesn’t. This is something your next explainer video company should care about also. 

The Cuillin Collective engagement analytics: >74% average engagement rate on client’s video

So there you have it; budget, portfolio and engagement are the 3 primary factors you need to consider when choosing the right explainer video company to work with. Given that you are here, have a look at our animation and live action portfolios and see if we match. 

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