Demo vs Explainer

There are many uses for explainer videos. One of the first questions we are asked by new customers is…. “Which style suits what I need?” It’s all a bit confusing isn’t it? What style of video suits what product or website? Should you go with the hand crafted illustrated video or the digitally crafted illustrated video? Do you need screen … Read More

Are Explainer Videos A Waste Of Money?

In a word: no. Well, they can be if you don’t make the right choices when choosing which company to make it for you, but that’s another article for another day! As home of the explainer video, we believe and promote the values of having an explainer video on your site. The price of explainer videos varies massively, but regardless … Read More

DIY Explainer Videos

It’s that old conundrum – do you attempt to do something yourself for your business, in turn saving yourself money but risking having to call in a professional anyway, or do you just bite the bullet and call in the professional right from the start? It can be a really tough choice to make and so often one that is … Read More

Outsourcing Explainer Videos

A short rant…….. We get at least one email via our website per fortnight asking us if we can white label our explainer videos. This is fine. However, I’m now getting requests from people on oDesk and eLance as well. What a joke. If these people can go onto eLance and oDesk to find explainer companies then why can’t the … Read More

Explainer Videos – The Hard Sell?

Explainer Videos Sell, sell, sell… That is the world we live in. If you are the one trying to sell something, then you want people to take notice of your product or service in our busy world. On the other hand, if you are a customer, sometimes the selling techniques of businesses can be a little overwhelming. There are so … Read More