Startup Business Offer

The Cuillin Collective have been on the go for a good number of years. Both Ailsa and I have proudly built it up from scratch. But building a business can be a terrible strain. Not just personally, but financially as well. Where does the money come from every month? How do you pay the bills and build a business in a highly competitive market? So many questions.

We were very fortunate to not have to fork out any money to start The Cuillin Collective. All we needed were two computers, an HD camera and two lights and we were set. Luckily, we had all of these things.

So, what’s it like when you are investing your own money into your own business? It’s not worth thinking about.

To start a business you need a logo designed, a website built and more than likely a quick pitch of your business in the format of say, an explanation video. From us, this would set you back around £1000. That’s a great price right?. But £1000 is still £1000. And if you are a start up business like we were, where do you find that amount of cash? If you don’t have it, then you don’t have a business.

We’ve had a few customers in the the past who have really struggled with their payments to us. We always try and help by giving them more time with no interest or late payment charges. But it can be a pain for us not knowing when the payments are coming in and it’s a pain for our customer as they don’t have a finished video that they can use until the payment has cleared. So what’s our solution?

Well, in a nutshell. We take your order (just like we normally would), invoice 25% of the final bill (instead of 50%) and then create a payment plan lasting between 3 and 9 months. Here is an example.

John has a business idea. He wants a logo, a website and a video. This comes to £955. We invoice out £248.75. Once this is paid, the project begins. Then, every month for the next 3 months £248.75 will be invoiced. The website and the video would be completed within 4 weeks and will be live to the world. However, until the final payment is made, we host the website via our hosting company and the video via our Vimeo account. And when the invoice is cleared up then the files will be transferred to the new hosts and the customers video account. As simple as that.

This new offer will only be available to brand new businesses.

If you’d like to discuss what we can do for your startup business, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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