Rebranding with Explainers

Rebranding for a business is a huge task which requires a lot of time and thought. Plus it’s a never ending task because you need to keep up with the times. This can mean you end up updating your website, logo, brand guidelines, advertising campaigns, even the way you word the content on your website.

Alongside an updated website/brand it’s important that you also update any explainer videos you have had made. This may be swapping from animated to live action or vice versa.

What are the steps to have your explainer videos updated?

As much as it’s great to save money, trying to update an existing video isn’t the way to go about it. You need to start from scratch. New script, new design. Like we mentioned above, even the way you word content needs updated and this goes the same for your explainer script. You could let your brand team write this but it probably won’t be optimised for high video engagement (I’m sure it will be fine for web content though). What does this mean? Hire an explainer video company. It’s what they do and what they do best.

How to choose the best explainer video company?

This is a tricky one. Over the past few years a lot of explainer video companies have appeared online. Many simply outsource but most use stock images or explainer templates. Both of these options have their place but not for rebranding. Why spend all that time rebranding and use stock for your video?

An explainer video company needs to spend the time to learn your brand and design several concepts before they find the right one for the job. The same process goes for finding the right explainer video company to create the explainer for you. Take your time, look over their work and choose the best fit.

Have any questions about your rebrand and what and explainer can do for you? Please comment below.

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