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It's now 2021 and I am finally getting around to writing my first post since the 1st of June 2020. Fortunately, unlike many companies, I've continued to worked throughout the global pandemic. In fact, it's been incredibly busy in the world of explainer videos. Since the world closed I've made over 100+ animations (but not a single live action film). So now that the world is opening back up for business are things different? You're darn tooting they are.

Sales has changed. No longer do you need to send salespeople around the country, or globe, to drum up business. You can do it from your website. That's the thing, you could always sell from your website but a lot of companies stayed with their old fashioned sales process. After spending a lot of the evenings of lockdown catching up on 8 seasons of 'First Dates' I saw an advert for a coffee company selling via Zoom. via Zoom? Really? How do you sell coffee via a computer without tastes and smells? You just can.

That is a bit of an extreme example. Sales has changed is the point I am making.

What's your next step then? Back to spending money sending staff around the country or do you start selling via the web?

Easy peasy; the web. But how? Explainer videos. They're everywhere. Since we started in 2009 it's the thing to have on your site to explain your product/service.

How does it all work?

Hook your customer then make the sale via email. Well, no. Hook your customer and make the sale using the same video. If you explain your product right you don't need to sell. Because your customer will already know you are the one for them.

What is an explainer video?

Above is a video we created for Legado mid-pandemic. They obviously have a model that can be 100% online but the principle is the same. You're selling a product, digital or otherwise. Dare I make the statement that the web is quite pandemic proof? It's the most pandemic proof way to keep selling that I can think of anyway.

It's time to start making your business pandemic proof as much as possible. Sell online and explain your product using an explainer video from The Cuillin Collective.

Want to see our data that proves this? Just schedule a call and see what we can do for you and your business.

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