Outsourcing Explainer Videos

A short rant……..

We get at least one email via our website per fortnight asking us if we can white label our explainer videos. This is fine. However, I’m now getting requests from people on oDesk and eLance as well. What a joke.

If these people can go onto eLance and oDesk to find explainer companies then why can’t the client? In Scotland, we call these people ‘numpties’

I totally respect all businesses but you’ve got to work for it. Folks are just wanting to quickly jump onto the explainer video bandwagon and make a fast buck by taking on the work and then outsourcing it directly to other companies. Most of the time with painful consequences.

We whitelabel for one company and it can be the most frustrating thing in the world. We have our own system. It’s when this system gets played with that things seem to go downhill. I’m not 100% against white labelling. Just the companies that try and create their own system without having a clue about the business. It makes everyone look bad.

When you are looking for a company to make your explainer video ask; why they have a 2 month turnaround, why is it so expensive and why does it take 3 days to get a reply from the script writer/animator? They’re outsourcing that’s why. Use companies that have been around awhile and have a steady stream of new work on their website. Even if they do outsource, they must be good at it to keep producing work.

Or simply Google ‘explainer videos’ or ‘explanation videos’ and you’ll find us!

Try and use the companies that do the work themselves. You’ll get a better price and enjoy the project more which is part of the fun of making these explainer videos.

With this rant, we are setting up a white label solution that will solve all the problems we’ve been facing. It has been designed to make explainer video white labelling work for everyone. To find out more, please contact me by filling out the form here.

Rant over.