Time Waits for No One

Besides the cost of an explainer video, one of the primary questions about production is “How long does it take to create an explainer video?” The simple answer is 6 weeks. They can be created quicker but I want to explain why you should take the 6 weeks.

Creating an explainer video is really similar to creating a loaf of bread. Now, I am no expert on creating a loaf but I have been making bread, by hand, for the past 6 years so have some experience to compare the two.

You can’t rustle up a perfect, artisanal, sourdough loaf within minutes, the same way you can’t churn out a completed, high quality explainer video. There is an important ingredient in both that can’t be forgotten.

You can have all the components for your loaf perfectly measured out but if you don’t give it the correct time to prove and rise, it will collapse in the oven.

The same principle applies to an explainer video; even if you have all the correct components such as the script, the illustrations and the animation, among others, if the necessary amount of time and detail isn’t used when creating these elements, the video won’t stand up when the heat is on. I’m not a fan of puns but I do like that one!

We’re big fans of creating highly engaging explainer videos (11% above the industry average if you’d like a fact thrown in for good measure) and to be able to produce a video engaging enough to convert your traffic into customers, you need time. Time to think, time to change, and time to improve.

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