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Lukla AerogelWe’ve been extremely lucky to have worked with many talented clients. Since 2009 we’ve seen many of them achieve great success.

Well, this time, I thought I’d write up a few blogs posts about some of our new customers. One of these customers is Lukla. They are an exciting new company based in the US. They have developed a way to use aerogel in a jacket. What does this mean? Well, basically, if you wear their jacket at the North Pole you won’t be cold. And the jacket is as thin as a normal jacket. That’s a lie. It’s thinner than a normal jacket!

Michael and Max contacted us about two weeks ago (16th of Feb 2015) and told us about their exciting idea and that they had two weeks to produce a kickstarter marketing video from start to finish. Normally, we would have declined the project because it was just too much to do and we had very little time, but the idea really interested both Ailsa and myself so we jumped at the chance. We ended up working weekends just to be able to work on the project. That’s how much we loved it. Below is a link to the kickstarter marketing video that we produced for Lukla. Their campaign is now live, please get backing if you have the spare funds. This is one company that is going to succeed. To back this project, please click here.

Good luck Michael and Max! From all of us here at Cuillin Collective Designs

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