Luckily for us, over the years we have had the chance to create some amazing new characters: superheroes for a fast-food website, children’s book characters, website mascots, and a wide range of simple hand drawn characters which we use in our explanation videos. Its very rewarding being able to work in such a wide variety of styles, and at The Cuillin Collective we work hard to create characters which match our client’s own theme and ideas. We enjoy using our creativity and illustration skills to give a product or service a fun and original personality.

Website Illustration…

At The Cuillin Collective we provide a bespoke website illustration. Working with you we create illustrations which give your visitors an idea of what you are all about within the first few second of viewing your website.

Wide range of styles…

We work in a wide range of styles, from digital to traditional. Our aim is to reflect your brand positively.