How We Work

Any business, regardless of the nature of it, must keep their customers needs and wants at the centre of everything they do. If this is lost sight of, then you lose sight of why you started the business in the first place – and you’ll probably find yourself losing customers too! There are many varied ways of meeting the needs and wants of your customers – everything from price down to the style of customer service you offer. We’re going to focus on one of the factors that is most important to The Cuillin Collective – impressing the customer of our clients.

By keeping this in mind we are also ensuring we are meeting the needs of our clients. If you are running a business, then you want to effectively reach your customers, and then work to meet their needs and wants, so it makes sense that if you are our client then we want to do the same thing. This goes for each product and service we offer here at The Cuillin Collective, we want to impress not only you, but we want to impress your client too.

Let’s take an explanation video as an example. This is used to explain your business, product or service to your customers, so it is only natural that we keep them in mind. An explanation video will do this in a very short space of time, usually 60-90 seconds, and will be scripted, narrated, illustrated and then shot and edited with the ultimate goal of impressing the customer of our clients – this is who we want to reach and who the video must talk to. We believe that this is one of the most important ways of achieving what you want and need as a client of The Cuillin Collective.

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