example questionnaire

Q1) What length of video would you like?
This can depend on how much information you would like to put across in your video, budget restraints can also restrict timing.

Q2) What style of video would you like?
Please see the following page for more information: http://thecuillincollective.com/explanation-videos/i-want-one/

Q3) Who is your target audience?
Fot this example, it is a B2C.

Q4) What is the age range of your target audience?
For this example, it is 18-45, so we will tick the first two boxes.

Q5) What are the 3 main points you want to put across in your video?
(A summary of your USP)
1 – The most affordable, high-quality wireless speaker system on the market.
2 – They are easily installed
3 – You can play music directly from your iphone on you speakers, no matter which room you are in in your house.

Q6) What solution does your business offer?
Many people find it frustrating having big speakers in every room in the house. What we have done is create a wireless ceiling speaker with it’s own built in software which runs off rechargeable batteries. No wiring is involved, you can simply use your android or ios device to send your audio to the speakers. Other companies have similar solutions, but they are all very expensive and have to be installed professionally.

Q7) Do you have a specific case study/scenario in mind?
Yes, I thought about having a main character having a ‘discussion’ with his wife about the big speakers in every room. She wants more space for other things, so the man goes online and has a look. This is where he finds us. He buys and discovers how easy they are to install and use. Even his wife is happy with the solution.

Q8) Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
Please add a little bit of humour into the video. The company is called ‘Wireless Noise,’ our website is wirelessnoise.co.uk. Our call to action is ‘Contact us for a free quote today at wirelessnoise.co.uk 10% discount if you mention this video!’