Are Explainer Videos A Waste Of Money?

In a word: no. Well, they can be if you don’t make the right choices when choosing which company to make it for you, but that’s another article for another day! As home of the explainer video, we believe and promote the values of having an explainer video on your site.

The price of explainer videos varies massively, but regardless of what you are willing to pay, or indeed can afford, then you should really view your explainer video as an investment. It’s an investment as it will enhance your site, enhance the experience of visitors to your site and when done correctly, will ensure a much higher conversion rate for your business. If you find the right production company, then you’ll get the right video which will represent your business in the right way, not just now but also well into the future. It might feel daunting to spend money on a video but the amount you pay now can go a long way in building and promoting the future of your business.

If you think that explainer videos are a waste of money, take a think to your recent web browsing. How many pages featured a video, and how much longer did you stay on the site because of it? And it’s more than just having it on your site, once you have that link to your completed explainer video, think of all the places you can share it and all of the people you can reach. Nobody wants to read pages and pages of text on a site or in an email these days, and why should we when a concept can be portrayed in a more effective manner in much less time using an explainer video.

So there you have it: the only time an explainer video is a waste of money is if you don’t spend time finding the right production company to make your explainer video for you.

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