Animated explainer videos have become part of mainstream advertising in a big way. This is due to their unique ability to rapidly raise engagement and conversion rates from traffic.

Just think about the last time you were on a website looking for a solution to a problem. Did you scroll up and down on the page looking for a video to explain the product or service or did you find what you needed on the landing page through reading?

Did you know that 12% of people who view an explainer video will purchase the product featured in the video. This may not sound like a big number by itself, but take into account that 100 million internet users watch these videos everyday.

Explainer Video Portfolio

Here at The Cuillin Collective we have been producing bespoke animated explainer videos since 2009. We have made, in house, over 1000 different videos for big and small companies from all over the globe.

The success to our system is that ours videos are driven by data. If our videos don’t engage, they don’t work and this is something that we take very seriously. Understanding what works and what doesn’t is key to everything. Medicine, technology and indeed, explainer videos.