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Explainer video templates are becoming more and more popular within our little world. But are they really worth it? I thought I’d take a look at the world of pre-made explainer videos.

The first template option that I found was via VideoHive. They look pretty good. But when I look at the sales from the bestseller, you get the pleasure of having the same video as 1500 other companies. That’s fine if you don’t mind your business being indistinguishable. But what if you want to be different? The template doesn’t give you that option. If you’re looking to make an impact on your website, using the same video as others doesn’t really give you that edge. And with this type of explainer video template, you have to write your script based around the template. For example, you need to have a main character, you need to have testimonials, videos and images at certain points in the video. That to me sounds too restrictive. And after taking on board all the additional costs then this template could set you back as much as $525. If you have no experience in explainer videos then that wouldn’t be money well spent.

The other source I found for explainer video templates was GoAnimate. This actually looks pretty good. You can even make Common Craft Style Videos with them. Which is what our Handcraft videos are. There is plenty of customisation included within the video itself. So you can add different backgrounds, different characters etcetera and you can structure the story as you wish. Pretty neat. But, who is writing the script?

To us here at The Cuillin Collective we put a huge amount of effort into our scripts. In fact, we spend the same amount of time on the script as we do editing the videos themselves. And without an explanation, the explainer video doesn’t work.

Essentially, I see these explainer video templates as glorified Powerpoint presentations. Has anyone ever seen a good Powerpoint presentation? Anyone? Anyone?

This is not us trying to insult GoAnimate or VideoHive, because they have their place. But if you take your business seriously, please contact a professional explainer video company to make your video. Don’t try and do it yourself because you’ll end up doing more damage than good to your business.

This is why we went with our new slogan. ‘Our creativity at your fingertips’. You don’t need anything else.

Check out this one below. Starring the cast from World War Z.

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