Explainer Video Poetry

I’m writing this with the purpose of showing you how much better poetry is at explaining a concept, rather than my shoddy blogging skills.
At The Cuillin Collective we have been making ‘explainer videos’ since 2009 and we’ve made over 750 explainers. Since then, we’ve always written our scripts in the same format.
Introducing a character who has a story that the viewer wants to hear. There is nothing boring about them. In fact, every other explainer company out there uses the same principle for writing their explainers. But why? Well, because it works. And they still do work.

But with this, a lot of explainer videos now don’t seem that unique. The all look and feel similar and they all have a similar way of explaining the concept. It all works of course, but what if there was a better way at explaining the concept?

Well, there is. Explain your concept via poetry. Put simply, it’s much more fun. Watching a video, or learning a new concept should never be boring or ‘samey’. Check out the video below to see what I mean.

We all had teachers at school who taught us a lot of what we know now. But, we all had that one teacher that really stood out because they made learning simpler and more fun. Yes, we can go down the conventional road, but to truly learn and understand, we need something that little bit special.

We are the only company offering the explainer poetry videos so why not contact us today, to see where we can take your explanation?

Ok. That makes sense to me. But how about we write this up as a poem? Will it make more sense? Take a look below.

If you preferred the poem, why don’t you vote for it using the comments?

We here at the Cuilin Collective
Have a long history with video
We help you with marketing
And explaining what you know

A character has a problem
Here’s a solution that will fit
The system still works
That’s why many use it

But the format’s the same
And there’s so many choices
How do you stand out
Among all those loud voices?

Let’s go back to our school days
Where we all did some learning
The mass produced teaching style
Sometimes left us yearning

Then one classroom teacher
Found a more creative way
To get us to remember
What they taught us that day

It lifted our spirits
In fact it was fun
We hardly even realized
We were learning when it was done

So we took a cue
From those geniuses of yore
And decided to try something
That’s not been done before

We’ll take your idea
Write it out in a rhyme
So your video stands out
To the top of people’s minds it will climb

It’s just one more option
We can offer for you
But if it sticks in your head
Won’t you vote for it, too?

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