Explainer Video Music

Music is a hugely important part of any video. Well, unless it is for use on Facebook! Hollywood blockbusters would be hard to watch without their epic soundtracks. This is the same for explainer videos.

Previously at The Cuillin Collective we used Audiojungle to source our tracks but lately we’ve found that a lot of the tracks are quite similar which makes it a challenge to find the perfect track the video so rightly deserves. So, two months ago we moved to Soundstripe.

Soundstripe offers unlimited licenses to their carefully curated music library, which means we can choose our music easily and with confidence that the quality will meet our high standards. They also have constantly updated, custom playlists which means for our different genres of videos, it is easy to search and find tracks that fit in with the theme of our explainers.

Compared with Audiojungle’s $25 per track fee, Soundstripe charges us $135 a year which gives us access to unlimited music licences, custom playlists and some awesome tracks.

Cost aside, the choice and quality we have with Sounstripe is a breath of fresh air. It’s simple, super affordable, and very high quality. So no matter what type of production company you are, give Soundstripe a shot. You won’t regret it.

Want to hear our favourite tracks for explainer videos? Then visit our Explainer Video Music link

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