Custom Made Explainer Video

What is a custom made explainer video? Well, there are lots and lots, and lots and lots of styles to choose from. We offer a few set styles which work well with most concepts and have been proven to increase sales and conversions, particularly the Common Craft style explainer! However, occasionally we are asked to create an explainer video that has to integrate into a website landing page without seeming out of place. So when Aelite came along and asked us to create that very thing we jumped at the chance. Why not visit their website and take a look? The style and functionality is quite unique and specific.

After looking over their site, we decided to integrate the icon flipping style and the box design. Watching the finished product really shows how much of a difference a custom made explainer video can make.

This video is best viewed on their website of course 🙂

I often watch competitors explainer video styles to keep up to date and to catch any new styles that I think might take off. However, I mostly see the same thing over and over again. It’s not poor work or bad explanations, it’s just a bit ‘samey’ This is the main reason that we decided to create our new explainer video in a style that had never been done before. An explainer poem. We need to stand out from the crowd by leading the way and not simply following.

If you’re looking for a custom made explainer video, then please get in touch and let us talk you through a few of our new ideas, or take a leaf out of Aelite’s book and don’t be afraid to try something different.

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