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10 Elgol CornerDropSo here is my 2nd blog within 2 days but, CornerDrop is worth writing about. They are a start up company currently working on stage 2 funding on Seedrs. They already have the system up and running, we’re even signed up as a CornerDrop.

CornerDrop use existing retail outlets like shops, bars, newsagents etc etc to accept your parcels for you. Leaving you to collect them at your leisure. It’s a fantastic idea. It’s all paper based which keeps thing extremely simple. What does this all mean? It means you’ll never find yourself looking for the nearest collection depot out in the back end and beyond because you weren’t in to receive your parcel.

Around September last year (2014) we got a contact from Andrew Lasota, the co-founder of CornerDrop to ask us to quote for a video and a website. He wanted the same company to produce all the elements. We put in a quote but unfortunately, we were unable to develop the website because it needed to integrate into their existing system. And as all of you know out there, we only work with WordPress. So, we had to decline the project because we were not about to start disappointing customers.  It was a real shame because it was the chance to work with an exciting start up. Plus, 4 videos and a website is a big project. However, around 3 weeks later, Andrew got back to us and asked us to put in a proposal for the 4 videos and the design of the website (not the build). I’m sure this was a Saturday so I got to it right away! But why? I like to think that it was because we seemed like a desirable explainer video company to work with!

I wrote up a proposal (my 3rd ever) and I was very honest. We explained what made us creative, what made us goodIMG_5712 at what we do and mostly, who we really are as a company. It actually changed the way we responded to future clients and now we are the busiest we’ve ever been. Knowing the company that you really are can make a huge difference. We want to work with exciting start ups and help them achieve their goals because they can make a difference. Whether it’s providing a convenient delivery solution or you’re helping orphans in Syria (yep, we’ve done both) it all has a great purpose and we are glad to be apart of them all. So if you have a crowd funded project that you need a video for. Please do contact us and let us show you what we can do to help convert your idea into a reality.

In the end we made 4 explainer videos and designed one website for CornerDrop. I’ve added my favourite video below to show you what we did. These were our very first video poem based explainer videos. We were extremely lucky to have worked with Andrew and the team @ CornerDrop. We got away with a lot, especially our little hint to 50 Shades of Grey. We really hope you enjoy the video. Written by Ken Maxon and voiced by the wonderful Rosko Lewis.

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