Common Craft Style Explainer Videos

When it comes to explainers we have always specialised in the common craft style explainer video because it’s where the industry started and I truly believe that they are the most effective. Quite simply, they are simple and very easy to understand.

If you’ve been searching the web looking for explainers then you’ve probably seen a lot of the same. I’ve spoken about this a few times, but it truly is hard to find something unique. All videos looks too similar and the bandwagon companies are not really putting in the effort. This is why the common craft style explainer video is so popular with us. I don’t know of any other company (besides Common Craft themselves) that offer them.
However, Go-Animate offer the common craft style explainer via their ‘make your own explainer software’. I’m not going to go into this here, but feel free to read our explainer video templates blog to learn more.

Below are two of my favourite examples…..

This example is one of the simplest videos we’ve ever created. I’m sure you’ll agree, the concept comes across extremely well and above all, it’s very affordable.

This example is our own take on the common craft style explainer. We really hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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