Canadian Realtor Websites (DDF Feeds)

Since starting our business in 2009 we’ve learned a lot about a lot of different subjects. One of these is, Canadian Realtors. What’s so complicated about that and why does it warrant a blog post? Well, if you’ve ever tried to automatically connect your own listings to a website it can be a bit frustrating. I was researching for a new client … Read More

The Curse of the SEO Company

If you’re anything like us then you’ll rely on the Internet for your business. Without it, we would not exist. It truly is one the most important business tools today. The Internet allows us to work at home on the Isle of Skye. Which is our dream. However, ensuring that our business survives is always at the forefront my mind. Every month we take on … Read More

Skye Web Design

In 2010 our sole focus as a business was to write, illustrate and shoot paper craft explainer videos. We had no intention to get involved with the design and building of websites. But as with all businesses things change. The more explainers we created the more we were asked if we did web design also. So in 2011 we decided … Read More