Project Management – Mavenlink

From July last year we were making in between 5 and 6 explainer videos per week. This was us working at our maximum capacity. Tess was writing like a maniac, I was shooting and editing like maniac and Ailsa will illustrating like a maniac. I don’t know how we all coped. We got to September and we finally decided that … Read More

Web Advert

Sometimes a client comes along that totally trusts you. It’s a nice feeling. In this case, it was Daniel from Custom Mobile Apps in Australia. We’d never met, never even spoken before but he trusted us to make an advert for a new App. That’s what I love about my job. It allows Ailsa and I to ‘meet’ and work … Read More

The Green Mile

We’re always told about being green these days. Which is great. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t really think about it. I recycle everything that can be recycled and I’m very frugal with our heating system. But that’s about it. That is until I read an article about how we can all be a bit more green. It got … Read More

How We Work

Any business, regardless of the nature of it, must keep their customers needs and wants at the centre of everything they do. If this is lost sight of, then you lose sight of why you started the business in the first place – and you’ll probably find yourself losing customers too! There are many varied ways of meeting the needs … Read More

Working From Home and Pregnancy

As with everything, there are good points and bad points to working from home. Except for the fact that working from home has many more good points than bad! It allows for a certain amount of flexibility, although that’s not to say you spend your day watching movies and pretending to work. You could, but you’d never get anything done, … Read More

Rural Living With A Modern Business

We live in a small crofting village called Elgol. It’s right at the south end of the Strathaird peninsula on the Isle of Skye. In Elgol, we have a village shop and a thriving tourism industry. The Misty Isle Boat Trips regularly take visitors into the stunning Loch Coruisk and on occasion are treated to a visit from Dolphins, Minke … Read More

Family & Business

Let’s set the story. I work from home with my wife Ailsa. I have done for the past 4 years. We spend 24 hours per day, 7 days a week together. It sounds like a nightmare but it really isn’t. We are friends before anything else and it just seems to work. I’m not going to analyse that. Working from … Read More

Working From Home

Stay with me on this one please folks…. Ailsa and I started The Cuillin Collective a while back now. In the beginning we didn’t work that much. Most of our work days were spent simply trying to find work. From 10 until 3 most days I did the handyman thing. I spent the rest of my days scouring the web … Read More

Working with The Cuillin Collective

So today I decided to write a little piece that details my experiences working with The Cuillin Collective. I have been working with Marc and Ailsa officially for 8 months now and in turn worked with many clients with a massive range of different businesses. It sounds like a cliche, but every day really is different and quite often I … Read More

Welcome To Our Site

“Hello, Bonjour, G’Day and Howdy, Welcome to our new website. We’ve spent the last few months designing and developing this new website to suit our company and you, our customers. For example, we work with a lot start up companies. So to help celebrate this we have introduced 3 exclusive start up packages which we are calling The Collections. They … Read More