Digital Filmmaker

If I am asked what I do for a living it always makes me cringe replying with ‘videographer’ or ‘we make videos’ because it reminds me of working with that awful technology; videotape. But, it’s what people know! Video was terrible to work with.  I’ve shot videos (see, I’m using that word again!) on, SVHS, Digital8 and MiniDV tapes and … Read More

Skye Wedding Videos

We are The Cuillin Collective; a film production company that are based in Elgol, Skye. For the past 6 months we’ve been creating a definitive guide to getting married on Skye film. Whilst we are still editing this, we’ve just launched the weather chapter(see above). The whole film can be pre-ordered on our sister site – Until it’s release … Read More

Tooway Vs SES Satellite Broadband

*Update – If you are based in Scotland, then you can use this link to get the best satellite broadband deal (March 2016) – ibub Satellite Broadband Living and working in a rural community is fantastic. But, with rural living there are a few drawbacks. One of these is access to a fast and reliable broadband connection. So, what options are … Read More

The Curse of the SEO Company

If you’re anything like us then you’ll rely on the Internet for your business. Without it, we would not exist. It truly is one the most important business tools today. The Internet allows us to work at home on the Isle of Skye. Which is our dream. However, ensuring that our business survives is always at the forefront my mind. Every month we take on … Read More

What Makes Us Different?

There has been a lot of competition in the explainer video market so we’ve have to write quite a few proposals to win projects. This is something we rarely do, but it’s given us the chance to really look at ourselves and work out what actually does make us different from all the other explainer video companies. We are one … Read More

Zopim Software

I’ve written quite a few blogs lately about the software we use that helps us run our business. Like Kashflow and Mavenlink. However, these products don’t really help us make any sales. They simply make our lives much, much easier. Which of course, I’m all for. However, today I’m going to talk you through Zopim. Our Live Chat tool. We first heard of … Read More

Kashflow Payment

Running a small business has many challenges. It’s not just all about finding the work either. It’s about managing everything so that you have time to actually do the work you have been hired to do. If I take away all of my paid work, I spend my days; writing articles like this, scheduling our many, many projects to ensure … Read More

Modern Tribe’s WooCommerce Tickets Review

*A new and better solution has been found. I’ve added the link at the bottom of the post! This is my review of a booking engine. I’m writing on our blog because I cannot find any other worthwhile platform to leave a review. I hope this helps you. When building websites we rely on lots of plugins to do lots … Read More

Voice Over Training Scotland

Running your own business is one of life’s greatest challenges. And it isn’t just about making money either. In fact, that’s just the byproduct of it. The best part about running your own business is the pride you feel when you start a project and then finish that project. I would always recommend this over being employed by a company. … Read More

Family & Business Part 2

Please see this article for Part 1. A lot has happened since I wrote my last article. Tess has had a sprog of her own so is enjoying spending time with him (that would be E-dog), Stuart has gone on to pastures new, Helen has finally finished school and is working full time with us and Indy and Remy can … Read More