Outsourcing Explainer Videos

A short rant…….. We get at least one email via our website per fortnight asking us if we can white label our explainer videos. This is fine. However, I’m now getting requests from people on oDesk and eLance as well. What a joke. If these people can go onto eLance and oDesk to find explainer companies then why can’t the … Read More

Explainer Videos – The Hard Sell?

Explainer Videos Sell, sell, sell… That is the world we live in. If you are the one trying to sell something, then you want people to take notice of your product or service in our busy world. On the other hand, if you are a customer, sometimes the selling techniques of businesses can be a little overwhelming. There are so … Read More

Multilingual Explanation Videos

Here at The Cuillin Collective, we offer multilingual explanation videos so you don’t need to worry about a video being irrelevant in a specific location. Just let us know what language you would like your video and accompanying voice-over in and we will make it happen. If this is your first experience of multilingual explanation videos, see below Original   … Read More

Affordable Explanatory Videos

Let’s be honest about this, this is our forte. Affordable explanatory videos are so important to us here at The Cuillin Collective and if they aren’t so already, they soon will be to you. If this is your first experience of explanation videos, then just click here to see an example of one of our affordable explanatory videos. You want … Read More