The Cost of an Animated Explainer Video – A Definitive Guide

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As one of the original creators of animated explainer videos, it was difficult to initially figure out how to price them. At the time it was a whole new way of explaining and a new process for us. Do we price per minute or per second? Do we include scripting, voice-over, and licensed music? So many variables at work. We … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Explainer Video Company

Choosing an explainer video company is a huge deal. In short, you’re looking for creativity, good turnaround and most importantly, return on investment. Even with a stock/template-based explainer video that takes a day or two to create you need to know that it will serve its purpose fully.  Let’s start off with what happens if it’s not good. You work … Read More

How can I Market my Explainer Video?


You’ve just spent some of your marketing budgets on a shiny new explainer video and everyone in the company loves it. But, what are you going to do with it? What are your options? Worry not because there are plenty of places your video will feel at home. This is why we have put this blog together, to assure you … Read More

Why Use An Explanation Video?

Ok. I’ve been spending a lot time on Quora recently reading the answers from other explanation video companies. It’s interesting to read to say the least. Lots of great ideas and of course, lots of poor ideas. But none of the answers really answer the core question. Why use an explanation video? Well, instead of adding my answer on Quora which … Read More

AMANO Tongue Cleanser

I am very excited to be able to share this with you, our readers. It has been in my head for months. In fact, it was just before Christmas, 2013 when I first spoke to Mano, our lovely client. Ok, before I continue, I will always be biased of somebody that sends me 6 bottles of his favourite wine for … Read More

The Green Mile

We’re always told about being green these days. Which is great. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t really think about it. I recycle everything that can be recycled and I’m very frugal with our heating system. But that’s about it. That is until I read an article about how we can all be a bit more green. It got … Read More

Common Craft

There are so many different styles of explanation videos. And so many names for each style of video. It can all get a bit confusing. So, we’re taking the most common mistake we see here and sorting it out once and for all. We get a lot of customers looking for what are known as ‘Common Craft’ style videos. They … Read More

Are Explainer Videos A Waste Of Money?

In a word: no. Well, they can be if you don’t make the right choices when choosing which company to make it for you, but that’s another article for another day! As home of the explainer video, we believe and promote the values of having an explainer video on your site. The price of explainer videos varies massively, but regardless … Read More

Writing An Explanation Video

The process of writing a script is one of the most important parts of creating an explanation video. Now of course the voice over, illustrations, shooting and editing all come together to create a high-quality explanation video, but it is the script that will capture the attention of your viewers. The purpose of the video is to communicate your product or … Read More

The Year Of The Explanation Video

We honestly believe that 2013 is the year of the explanation video – the year that they reach their peak. Since we started The Cuillin Collective, we’ve seen their popularity rise a huge amount. We’ve also seen the companies that make them rise too, there is more competition now than ever before, which is a great thing. It’s good for … Read More