Common Craft Style Explainer Videos

When it comes to explainers we have always specialised in the common craft style explainer video because it’s where the industry started and I truly believe that they are the most effective. Quite simply, they are simple and very easy to understand. If you’ve been searching the web looking for explainers then you’ve probably seen a lot of the same. … Read More

AMANO Tongue Cleanser

I am very excited to be able to share this with you, our readers. It has been in my head for months. In fact, it was just before Christmas, 2013 when I first spoke to Mano, our lovely client. Ok, before I continue, I will always be biased of somebody that sends me 6 bottles of his favourite wine for … Read More

About Explanation Videos

I’ve been spending a lot time on Quora recently reading the answers from other explanation video companies. It’s interesting to read to say the least. Lots of great ideas and of course, lots of poor ideas. But none of the answers really answer the core question. Why use an explanation video? Well, instead of adding my answer on Quora which will … Read More