The Cost of an Animated Explainer Video – A Definitive Guide

animated explainer video pricing - the cuillin collective

As one of the original creators of animated explainer videos, it was difficult to initially figure out how to price them. At the time it was a whole new way of explaining and a new process for us. Do we price per minute or per second? Do we include scripting, voice-over, and licensed music? So many variables at work. We … Read More

Highland Weddings

As you know, The Cuillin Collective are a small explainer video company based on Skye. We have lived and worked here for many years, and as such have plenty of first hand experience with suitable wedding locations and vendors around the island. This coupled with with our well-practiced video making skills gave us an idea. As a result of this, … Read More

Kickstarter Marketing Video

We’ve been extremely lucky to have worked with many talented clients. Since 2009 we’ve seen many of them achieve great success. Well, this time, I thought I’d write up a few blogs posts about some of our new customers. One of these customers is Lukla. They are an exciting new company based in the US. They have developed a way to … Read More

Animated Marketing Videos

Animated marketing videos are fantastic for explaining a concept or a product in an interesting and engaging way. For a long time we’ve been marketing our animated marketing videos as explainer videos. Although this is what they do, we’ve never really questioned, from a sales perspective, why we need to explain things. Why, when landing on a website should we … Read More