Canadian Realtor Websites (DDF Feeds)

Since starting our business in 2009 we’ve learned a lot about a lot of different subjects. One of these is, Canadian Realtors. What’s so complicated about that and why does it warrant a blog post? Well, if you’ve ever tried to automatically connect your own listings to a website it can be a bit frustrating. I was researching for a new client of how to do this and everything I found was overly complex, and as you’ll all be aware, the overly complex is always overly expensive. I also found a few other websites that were built with the DDF feed in mind but they started at $1200 for a non customised version which I feel is too much for what you are getting (the same website as everybody else!)

However, there is a cost effective solution by the name of Soldpress. Soldpress is an amazing (but poorly documented) WordPress plugin to connect your own listings (and any other listings on the DDF feed) to your website. Of course, it only works with WordPress but that isn’t a bad thing. All of our websites are built using WordPress for two primary reasons. It’s easy for us to build, and they’re easy for our customers to update. It’s a win-win.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 12.46.49Our client, Jazz MacPherson, had very specific needs for her website and what listings she wanted to show. With the Soldpress plugin and the fact that Jazz opted for the fully customised website build, we manage to re-code parts of the plugin to work the way she needed it to. The most important result of this? Jazz got the website that she needed and it’s already working for her.

We are now registered with CREA (the Canadian Real Estate Association) as an official partner (basically, we are allowed access to the feed via a specific username and password) and are expanding our website design services to include Canadian Realtors looking to have their listings automatically fed into their website.

Are you a Canadian Realtor looking for a new website with this functionality?  Please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page or schedule a time using the consultation app at the bottom left. We look forward to hearing from you.

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