British Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos began as big news in the US. Since then, they’ve hit off in the UK as well, becoming a popular and effective way to explain a product or service with The Cuillin Collective leading the way since 2009.

We have a strong belief that explainer videos are the best way for businesses to break down what they offer in terms of products and services in the most understandable, efficient and cost effective way.

Our explainer videos aren’t just videos, they’re a science. We use engagement statistics and to create the best explainer videos possible. We study common drop-off points and conversion data to discover what makes a good explainer video tick.

100% explainer engagement graph

Although we are based within the UK, we do work with clients around the globe. Distance and time difference is never an issue for our clients or us. If you do happen to be based in the UK and run your own business would benefit from an explainer video, you might want to get an explainer video from a UK company on home turf. It does make the whole process quicker.

This means you can avoid the stresses of working out time differences, and getting up at 3am for a Skype call – this is totally understandable, after all you still have a business to run on UK time.

Explainer videos are what we do, so if you want to find out more you can join us on the live chat or contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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