White Board Craft Videos

White Board Craft Videos

White board craft videos are a distinct form of videos using hand craft illustrations. White board craft videos are wonderful to view as they are combined with live video and give a classroom like feel.

What Are White Board Craft Videos?

Most of you would have come across YouTube videos created by sites like iVillage. An instructor will stand in front of a white board and explain the concept related to the video just like a teacher explains it to the students, drawing using a marker in the white board.
These are called white board videos. White board craft videos are which the instructor use small hand crafted illustrations on a white board instead of drawing on their own. There are many videos like this. One simple example is the weather forecasting video we see usually.

How Are They Useful?

The reason behind the instant hit of whiteboard videos is their similarity to a classroom teaching. The same reason applies to white board craft videos also. Hand craft videos are very simple and attractive as they represent simple day to day objects and shape which any one can create easily.

When a person actually uses these images instead of their own scribbling on the white board to explain the concept it becomes even more attractive. Many people watch the video fully, just for the sake of these simple hand crafted figures.

For some strange reason these animations are preferred by most people than the colorful and complex figure animations created using flash and other software. Since these videos are viewed by many people they increase the traffic to the website they substitute, describe the product clearly, hereby increasing the sales of the product.
White board craft videos are as complex as producing hand craft videos. They require lot of technical skill as well as clear planning. One company producing excellent quality white board craft videos is The Cuillin Collective. They make custom hand craft videos as well as attractive which can help the any business.

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