Video Style

Video Style

The term ‘Video style’ refers to various forms of videos available in the internet. The most common video style used to promote a product is voice over marketing video or video ad. Apart from them we have other forms like testimonial videos, viral videos, documentaries and many more.

Voice Over Marketing Video

The voice over marketing video style is the most widely used one to promote a product in YouTube and in other websites. This video style usually consists of simple graphics, with the product image, suitable caption, music and a voice in background. It is very similar to normal TV advertisement and is usually two to three minutes long. These videos can be seen for nearly all the commercial products.

Video Ad

Video ad style is used to promote the product in a very short span of time, usually 30 seconds. Video ad’s will contain small flash animations with music or background voice. Lot of creativity and attractive design is necessary to make video vds a success.

Testimonial Video

Testimonial video style is the latest buzz in the industry. It is the simple technique of using ‘today’s customer to create tomorrow’s customer’. Customers already using a particular product will give their positive reviews on the existing product. Most of the time people refer to sites like Amazon and other review sites to know about the product they are about to purchase.

Modern day customers have a tendency to believe the unknown people’s comments and reviews better than the advertisements. Testimonial video style tends to influence the product’s sales to a considerable level for this reason.

Viral Video

Viral video style is used to market the product through email or other community sites. The main verbatim of the viral video is that it should be attractive, make a person laugh or shock them and kindle them to share it with other friends.

Documentary Video

Documentary video style is an elaborate way of explaining a certain concept or company or a product. Such videos are losing popularity in the modern day world. But they are used extensively when it comes to educational and social awareness videos. They can last for about 30 minutes, and explain the concepts they deal with in a detailed way.

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