Training Videos

Explanation videos are our forte – we have been doing them for years. We can make you an explanation video for anything, whether it be a business overview, the explanation of a new product or service, or a training video. Here we will focus on training videos and what they can do for your business.

We can turn the most complex of ideas into a comprehensive, short video which will get your chosen message across in minutes. Our training videos are great as they can turn any subject into an easy to understand concept without losing sight of the all-important subject.

We can specifically tailor your training videos to your business, so that it can be exactly what you want it to be and we can make it informal or formal to suit. We would start by having a full discussion with you about what your vision is for the video and what it is you want to get across.

Whether you want to inform staff on a new computer system or a new till procedure, no matter the training or business, we can make this happen. We can make just one video, or a series of videos – whichever will suit the training and your business.

Training videos are far more effective than handing your team a massive pile of paper, this is often a waste of money and quite often will just get ignored. With a training video you can gather your team all in one place to show it or simply e-mail them it to watch at their leisure. You’ll save money on printing and another benefit to our training videos is that if you have team members off sick or on holiday, you don’t need the expense of re-arranging training, you can simply just show them the video on their return.

The video is yours to keep, meaning you can show it again and again, whenever and wherever you wish. If you need to make changes, we can do this for you also. We keep a back-up of all of our video projects, so if you need to make changes or update a training video, then we can simply carry this out for you, no hassles!

To talk to us about how a training video can benefit your business, click the live chat function or contact us here.